Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear/bring to class?

All athletes need to wear tight fitting clothing to class that’s easy to move in eg. tight top,crop, shorts, tights. Please wear black only. For comp athletes, it is compulsory to wear a Titan Athletics top of your choice plus plain black shorts or tights. Dance athletes must wear jazz shoes for Pom and Jazz, bare feet or foot thongs for Lyrical and sneakers for Hip Hop. Cheer athletes must wear their comp cheer shoes. Please also bring a labeled water bottle to class.

Can I do a trial class?

Yes, we offer a trial class for all new athletes. If you decide it is not for you after the trial, we do not charge. If you do sign up, we charge from that first lesson.

What does the registration fee cover?

Every athlete at Titan Athletics is registered for personal athlete insurance through AASCF (Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation) + team/class music + choreography fees for competitions and Showcase.

Does my child need to be experienced to join a competition team?

No. We teach all skills and choreography for each comp team within the class times. Competition divisions are also split into “Novice” and “All Star” categories to allow for all abilities and levels.

What is the difference between Novice and All Star?

The Novice division is for athletes that are either new to cheer or dance or are still building their skill set within the selected genre. The idea of Novice is for athletes to perfect the very basic skills on the competition floor before attempting harder skills, so there are some restrictions on the skills that Novice dancers/cheerleaders are allowed to perform for safety purposes. All Star division is for more experienced athletes and teams with less restrictions and safety rules.