Our Directors

Kate and Lizzie have combined their talent, experience and love for Cheer and Dance to create magic and success within Titan Athletics. They love teaching and creating beautiful dancers and always encourage them to work hard to be their personal best. In only four years, Titan Athletics has seen so much progression and has established a strong name in the competition world, having won 10 State Titles and 16 National Titles.

Kate Tomkins


Kate has been dancing for 28 years and has coached Cheerleading, Pom, Jazz, Lyrical and Physical Culture for 16 years, specialising in pom technique and choreography - Kate won the Choregraphy Award at the Spirit Industries Spring Carnival competition in 2017, for her Titan Athletics Open Pom routine choreography. She is a Dance and Cheer judge and is a USASF accredited cheerleading coach, which is internationally recognised. Kate has represented Australia 3 times in 2011, 2012 and 2014 at The Cheer and Dance World Championships in Level 5 Cheer and Pom.

Lizzie Hubbard


Lizzie has been dancing for 30 years and has shared her love of the performing arts by training dancers across a variety of styles such as Pom, Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Lyrical for the past 15 years. She has passed all dance examinations with honours under the Ballet Australasia Limited and National Dancing Association. Lizzie has represented Australia as an athlete in 2014 at the Cheer and Dance World Championships in Pom and is also a Dance judge and a USASF accredited cheerleading coach, which is internationally recognised. This experience, along with her Master of Teaching degree, has allowed her to create a cheerleading squad at her current school, becoming the Scholastics State and National Champions for 5 years running, from 2015-2019.